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A wild and expansive area encompassing six prefectures: Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, Akita, Yamagata and Fukushima is none other than Japan’s northeastern region of Tohoku.

With limited transport and some of the world’s heaviest snowfall this rural region’s Isolation has allowed Tohoku to develop a unique culture with its own unique traditions, with very limited influence from the external world.

After a decade long efforts made by the Government to make it an international holiday destination, this best-kept secret of Japan tourism is now gearing up to take the center stage, offering beautiful landscapes, enchanting winter wonderlands, wonderful spiritual experiences and top-class outdoor adventures.

Tohoku is easily accessible from Tokyo. Super easy as a one-hour bullet comfortable train ride away, the region’s bountiful nature, lovely rice paddies and serene villages immerse visitors quickly in warm rural landscapes reminiscent of Ghibli films.

Centuries-old family business, such as renowned sake breweries and traditional Japanese inns, let visitors soak up the culture, history and authenticity of Tohoku by simply staying.

The international media agree that Tohoku is a timely and exciting destination

• National Geographic named Tohoku one of the six best places for adventure in 2020.
• Lonely Planet labeled Tohoku the third best region for travel in 2020.
• The Guardian included Fukushima in its top 20 picks for holiday in 2020.
• The British Guild of Travel Writers has chosen Michinoku Coastal Trail as one of the finalists of its International Tourism Awards 2020


Niigata, located next to Tohoku on the coast of Japan Sea, is a perfect destination for a side trip from Tohoku or a quick natural/rural escape from the metropolis of Tokyo. Once Japan’s agricultural and commercial hub, this diverse and under-touristic prefecture is an ideal alternative to Kyoto in the post-Pandemic era: it combines world-class cultural and architectural heritages with an endless view of rice fields, regional gastronomic initiatives and natural delights such as renowned ski resorts and under-visited islands.

Tourism is on hold for now, but Tohoku and Niigata will shine bright once the time is right to travel again. Tohoku and Niigata will undoubtedly steal the limelight as people look for off-the-beaten-path travel destinations to celebrate the long-awaited resumption of international holidays.

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